SAIRO is the research and assessment office within UCLA’s Student Affairs organizationThe purpose of our office is to keep Student Affairs staff and other UCLA constituents up to date about the backgrounds, experiences, and needs of students; assist Student Affairs departments in assessing their services; and contribute to campus- and UC system-wide research and assessment efforts.

The mission of the Student Affairs Information and Research Office (SAIRO) is to support the learning, development, and success of all UCLA students by:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
1)  Developing the capacity of the Student Affairs organization and other stakeholders to collect, interpret,  and utilize      data to enhance the quality of students’ educational experience and campus environment; 
2)  Providing reliable, timely, and useful information about students and their experiences; and 
3)  Helping Student Affairs departments assess and document the effectiveness of their programs, services, and                practices.


Meet Our Staff

  • Kristen McKinney, Ph.D.
  • Aye Htut-Rosales, M.A.
    Student Research and
  • Danielle Acheampong, M.A.
    Research and Assessment Analyst
  • Esthela Chavez, M.Ed.
    Research Analyst
  • Tiera Tanksley, M.A.
    Research Analyst

More About our Work

Assessment Support and Capacity Building

Activities within this area of our work are designed to better improve the experience of UCLA students by providing consultation and support to Student Affairs departments as they examine their practices and strive to improve them.  Assessment support and capacity building activities include 1) assessment training (e.g. annual Assessment Curriculum, quarterly Assessment Forum trainings, ad-hoc training) 2) departmental presentations and consultation regarding departmental assessment projects, 3) divisional assessment coordination for Student Affairs, 4) providing departmental access to data collected and/or stored by the SAIRO office, and 5) oversight and coordination of the Student Affairs Program Review Process.  This support and consultation is provided with the understanding the Student Affairs offices are using the data to improve the services and experiences offered to students. 

Student Research and Surveys 

Activities in this area of work include administering and reporting results from student surveys – which survey direct-entry and transfer undergraduate students as well as graduate students and other specific populations. Further, we collect qualitative data from a number of sources, utilizing both staff and student researchers. For example, we created the Undergraduate Research Partnership Initiative (URPI) to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to gain assessment and research skills while participating as researchers on a project studying experiences of different students on campus. The results from these efforts are communicated to UCLA students, staff, and other stakeholders through our website, research briefs and topical reports, and presentations.