2017 First Destination Survey Dashboard

The First Destination Survey (FDS) is an online survey administered at UCLA every year. This survey provides comprehensive and reliable data which can be used to accurately inform and shape career expectations of current undergraduates, new alumni, and prospective students. For example, this survey requests information about employment, continuing education, opinions about job placement and preparedness for life after graduation. Data for this dashboard was gathered from the FDS administered to undergraduate students graduating between Summer 2016-Spring 2017. Survey administration was open from January 2017 to the end of December 2017. UCLA obtained a total of 2332 responses from undergraduate graduating students. The survey response rate is 27.3 percent of the total graduating class. The National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) database was also used to provide supplement information about continuing education outcomes for graduating undergraduate students. Data on continuing education from NSC are identified with the + symbol. All other data on continuing education were obtained from the FDS. For more information about the FDS, please visit: https://www.sairo.ucla.edu/fds

For questions on this report, please contact Michael Ishimoto, SAIRO Principal Research Analyst at mishimoto@saonet.ucla.edu