What is Baseline?

Student Affairs has contracted with Campus Labs for the use of the Baseline assessment platform. This platform is an online tool that provides an integrated approach to conducting assessment, from the planning phase, to reporting and beyond. Using Baseline, you can create and distribute online surveys, enter data manually from paper surveys, create rubrics, analyze your data, compare across projects, view ready-made charts, and much more.

To get started, visit Begin An Assessment in order to learn how to obtain a Baseline login ID and submit a project.

How do I obtain a Baseline login?

Each department identifies users who can use the system to collect and analyze assessment data. Individuals must be approved by their department director to receive access to the Baseline system.  If you want to conduct an assessment project using Baseline, speak with your supervisor to get the ball rolling.

Request that your Director email SAIRO Director, Kristen McKinney, with your name, email and UCLA Logon ID along with his/her approval for your access.

How do I submit a project?

Before a project request can be submitted in Baseline, the department must submit an Assessment Plan Worksheet to SAIRO. A SAIRO staff member will review the submitted plan and instrument, and then authorize upload. The process for assessment planning and the documents needed are below:

1) Complete the Assessment Plan and develop your assessment materials. A SAIRO staff member will review your plan and materials and provide feedback within 3-5 business days.

2) Once SAIRO has replied to and approved your assessment plan, proceed with your project by submitting a request in Baseline and uploading your assessment instrument outline.

For more detailed information about submitting a project, visit the Using Baseline section of the Baseline Support Site for help articles and video guides.

What kinds of projects can I submit?

Typically UCLA Baseline users submit survey projects that are delivered to potential respondents via email. Projects can be delivered on a one time basis or be copied and redistributed over time for longer term or comparative assessment. However, Baseline can also create data entry questionnaires that can be used with paper delivered assessments. You can also make a copy of a previously administered Baseline Project in order to conduct a similar or ongoing assessment. Baseline also has options for creating rubrics and a Student Response Tool for instant polling.

Baseline's uses are fairly flexible, so if you have any questions, please contact SAIRO.


What is the difference between "new project" and "copy of a previous Baseline project"?

When you select "new project," you are requesting for Baseline to create and program a survey that you have not previously administered in Baseline.

When you select "copy of a previous Baseline project," Baseline can use an existing template of the survey that was previously administered in Baseline. You can still request minor changes to be made (e.g., adding a question or changing the response options to questions), by either (a) noting the requested changes in the Project Comments box, or (b) uploading the survey document with changes shown as tracked changes.

How long does it take for my project to be created?

The length of the assessment planning process varies from project to project, but but a good estimate of the creation of a whole Baseline Assessment is about 5 to 7 business days.

We suggest reviewing our Assessment Timeline Flowchart to gain a sense of the process involved to create your assessment. Note that this timeline only relates to the approval and creation of a Baseline project.

After you spend time planning your  project, submit your assessment plan to SAIRO for review here. In general this takes about 3 to 5 business days.

Once you have obtained approval from SAIRO, the assessment can be submitted to Campus Labs to build in Baseline. Campus Labs will build the project, communicating with you as necessary to make changes. With your approval the project will then go live. This step in the process takes about 4 to 5 business days.

How can I make changes to my project?

To make changes to your project before the opening date, contact the Campus Labs representative that sent your project's survey link detailing what changes need to be made before the project begins.

Changes that are made after a project is live are also made by contacting the Campus Labs representative that built your project, however making changes after a project has begun to be administered will have an impact on your data. Work with SAIRO and Campus Labs to ensure your project changes go smoothly.  

What is the difference between a mass mailing and a generic link?

If you have already identified your participants and wish to email them directly for participation with a unique link, your project can be administered using Baseline's Mass Mailing tool. If you wish to embed your survey link on a website, listserv, or other publicity, then a generic link is the appropriate option. Also use this option if you want your survey to remain anonymous.

If you have any questions or concerns about which type is best for your assessment contact SAIRO

If you don't have contact information but have identified a specific sample you want to survey, you will likely need to submit a Registrar Service Request (RSR) to identify your student sample and send the email on your behalf. The minimum request time for an RSR is 7 business days, please consider this in planning your timeline. If other types of community member contact emails are needed (i.e., alumni, staff, faculty, SIR’d students before first day of instruction), please contact SAIRO to discuss where these might be available.

What is a rubric and how could I use it?

A rubric is a scoring tool developed to conduct direct measures of performance, achievement, or mastery on a given activity.  A rubric lists the areas of performance to be evaluated and the specific criteria used to evaluate each area.  In Baseline you can create rubric templates that allow multiple raters to evaluate using the same template. There are some benefits and some limitations to using the rubric tool, and it is important to plan carefully when designing your assessment. 

Campus Labs has more detailed information on using rubrics, and if you are considering creating or using one contact SAIRO.

Where can I find my results?

Once an assessment project request is submitted, Baseline generates a specific dashboard. To find your project's dashboard, log into Baseline and click "Projects." You can search by department or directly search for your project name. All information related to your assessment lives in the project dashboard. If your project is already collecting data, click the "View Results" button on the dashboard to see your data.

What reporting tools can I use?

The tools available through Baseline include the ability to create graphs, compare responses, crosstab, and calculate basic statistics. For most projects, the tools available in Baseline are sufficient, but SAIRO can support you if more complex analysis is needed.

For more information from Baseline on Reporting visit Campus Labs Support.