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SAIRO is the primary coordinating office for the majority of major institutional surveys of UCLA students. Our office also engages in more targeted qualitative and quantitative projects to support the work of Student Affairs. The results from these efforts are communicated to UCLA students, staff, and other stakeholders to provide insight into student experiences and drive institutional improvement.

See some of our featured work below, or contact us to request existing survey data specific to your needs. 

First Destinations Survey

Person climbingView the career-related activities and post-graduation plans of our seniors and new graduates.

Wellness Reports 

Interested in Bruins' health and wellness? Review our brief on physical and mental wellness, or take a look at what the data show us about graduate student mental health in particular.

AMCAS Dashboard

Medical kit

How do UCLA undergraduates measure against national averages when it comes to medical school admissions? Find out through data obtained from the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).

Graduate Student Databites

Group of peopleLearn more about our graduate students by visiting the Graduate and Professional Student Survey Reports page. Topics include advising and mentorship, housing and commuting, mental wellness, and more. 

Senior Survey Dashboard

Graduation hat and diplomaLearn how UCLA seniors view their time spent at UCLA. Topics include their feelings of belonging, skills gained, engagement with diversity, and campus climate.

Internship Dashboard

An initiative of Student Affairs is to strive for an internship for every Bruin. Find out what our data has to say about students' internship experiences and access. Data is from the UC Undergraduate Experience Survey.

Skills Development Dashboard

Hear from UCLA's graduate and professional students about the skills they have developed in graduate school. Self-assessed skills include project management, scholarly expertise, teaching and mentoring, communication, and their preparation for post-graduate careers. 

Students with Disabilities Report

What are the experiences of students with disabilities at UCLA? How many students receive accommodations for their disabilities? Learn the statistics and understand students' experiences in their own words.

Incoming Student Profiles

Who comes to UCLA? Get to know our incoming freshmen, transfer and graduate students here. 

On this site you will find a variety of analytical briefs, data tables, and other resources to help you understand the UCLA student population, as well as information about how to request ad-hoc reports from survey data housed in SAIRO.  Please use the links at the left to navigate the various materials and services available to you through this branch of our department including, 

    1. Reports and data tables organized by topic--for those users who can identify a topic of interest but aren't sure which surveys cover that content
    2. Reports and data tables organized by survey, including copies of survey instruments and information about the administration cycle for each survey
    3. Background information on and reports generated through the Undergraduate Research Partnership Initiative, which provides undergraduate students an opportunity to gain research skills while participating as researchers on a project studying experiences of different students on campus
    4. Guidance on how to submit an ad-hoc request for data
    5. Check out the latest issue of data bite here