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Data Overview

Data for this dashboard were obtained from the Association of American Medical Colleges’ (AMCAS) database of applicants from 2015-2017. The AMCAS database of applicants only includes students that consented to the release of their application information.


This dashboard contains information for the following items: number of all applicants to American medical schools from UCLA and around the nation; number of applications accepted to American medical schools; number of students who matriculated into American medical schools; average GPA of applicants; and average MCAT scores of applicants.


To navigate through this dashboard, use the story tabs on the top of the page to select the type of applicant information you seek. On most tabs you will be able to disaggregate applicant information by year, gender, and race/ethnicity.


Data Definitions:

Applicant: Number of applications submitted to a medical school. Students can apply to more than one school.

Accepted: Number of applications accepted by a medical school. Students can be accepted to more than one school.

Matriculated: Number of students matriculated to a medical school. Students can only matriculate into one school.

Gender: AMCAS only allows three options for gender: Male, Female, No Answer

Race/Ethnicity: AMCAS lists the following categories (applicants can only select one option): All Spanish/Hispanic; American Indian or Alaskan Native; Asian; Black or African American; More than one race; native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; Not Reported; Other; White.

GPA: Cumulative undergraduate GPA.

MCAT Score: Unless otherwise noted, MCAT score is the total score for all sections.


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