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In addition to our departmental support, SAIRO is always available to deliver tailored presentations to departments, student groups, or other stakeholders. Below you will find examples of past presentations that can be adapted to fit your particular needs. Additionally, feel free to contact us to discuss your presentation ideas or needs.

Past Events and Training

Assessment Forums

First presented: Fall 2016 

Interested in using assessment but not quite sure how to begin? Have you seen the name SAIRO before, but you’re not sure what we do or how we can work together? SAIRO is the research and assessment office within UCLA Student Affairs. We keep Student Affairs up to date with relevant information about students as well as help support and build capacity within departments in discovering new data. Learn about how our work can help yours!  

Powerpoint logo   SAIRO 101

Using Google Analytics- Make your Website Work for You  
First presented: Spring 2016 

Websites are now often the first, and sometimes the only, point of contact many constituents have with our services. It can be difficult to understand the experiences they have online, and how your website plays a role in accomplishing your unique mission. Google Analytics is an easy and simple tool that captures data about how your constituents are actually using your website. Join us for an introductory look and learn more about how to use Google Analytics as another part of your assessment toolbox.  

Powerpoint logo  Using Google Analytics

Stealth Assessment  
First presented: Winter 2016 

Assessment is an awesome tool that provides insight into the work that we do and the impact our services have on constituents. There are a variety of ways to collect assessment information, but often we choose surveys as a default. However, this data collection method often generates low response rates. Join us to learn about other simple and powerful tools to conduct assessment, that can engage respondents in innovative ways-without asking them to rate their experiences on a scale of 1 to 5. 

Prezi Logo  Stealth Assessment

Best Practices in Data Presentation
First presented: Fall 2015 

We are increasingly faced with a dizzying array of options for how to display data.  How do we make informed choices about which will really aid the user versus those that are just “pretty?”  This session will explore aspects of visual perception that influence how we process visual information, as well as discuss the messages conveyed by various visual displays and how to select options that best aid the reader in understanding key data points.  The session will include discussion and critique of examples, and practice selecting display options.

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 Best Practices in Data Presentation 

Conducting Focus Groups
First presented: Summer 2015

Focus groups are a great way to gather rich and targeted data to help guide the work we do in Student Affairs. However, focus groups are underutilized among UCLA’s Student Affairs departments. This two-hour training workshop is designed to equip you with the information and tools you will need to plan and conduct a focus group to fit your department’s assessment needs. Accordingly, the purpose of this workshop is two-fold: first, workshop participants will acquire basic planning and timeline materials that outline the full complement of steps required to conduct a focus group. Then, participants will spend the majority of their time learning and practicing methods for conducting a focus group via a simulated example. 

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  Conducting Focus Groups

Involving Students in Assessment  
First presented: Spring 2015 

Not certain how to utilize your student partners when conducting assessment? We already know that students can be great sources of information for Student Affairs assessment, but with the right approach, you can also work with them as partners in the assessment process. Join us for this session to discuss how to partner with students during all stages of your study, from planning, to data collection and analysis.

Prezi Logo  Involving Students in Assessment

Quantitative Data Analysis  
First presented: Winter 2015 

So you’ve collected quantitative assessment data, but want to do more with it than what is offered via basic “canned reports”… Say, for instance, you know the scores for two different groups of students, but you aren’t sure if the difference between them is worth paying attention to (or is statistically significant, in other words). Attend this session to learn some of the nuts and bolts to conducting additional quantitative analyses of your data both in Baseline and Excel. The selection of topics will include, but is not limited to: cross-tabulations, correlation, t-tests, and chi-square tests.

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 Quantitative Data Analysis

Understanding Outcomes (Extended Session)
First Presented: Winter 2015

Are you aware that by the end of the 2014-15 academic year, all SA departments will be charged with reporting department outcomes and the SA Outcome Domain to which each corresponds? Join us for an in-depth session devoted to explaining the key components of and differences between divisional, departmental, program, and individual learning outcomes. In this forum, you will learn how to conceptualize, coordinate, and write effective outcomes. 

Prezi Logo  Understanding Outcomes (Extended Session)

Using Baseline Reporting Tools 
First Presented: 

So you’ve sent out your survey and now the results are in. But what are you going to do with all that data? While analysis can often feel overwhelming, Baseline’s built in reporting tools can help you find out a wealth of information by creating graphs, comparing variables, and exporting results in different formats. Stop by this lunchtime session to learn about easy ways that Baseline can help you report on and understand your data. 

Prezi Logo  Using Baseline Reporting Tools

Sharing Results
First Presented: 

Join us for a session on the oftentimes most difficult aspect of assessment –“closing the loop.” By participating in this forum you will learn about the most effective and efficient ways to share the results of your assessment efforts, both within your department and across UCLA Student Affairs as a whole. In this session we will cover the gamut of “closing the loop,” from thinking about your data to presenting your findings in various formats.

Prezi Logo  Sharing Results

Designing Effective Surveys
First Presented: 

Have you ever wondered about how to design a good survey? How do you ensure that your questions will yield the information you need to guide your programming?  What are pitfalls to avoid in your survey design process?  Come learn about all of this and more at this session on survey design.

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Understanding Learning Outcomes
First Presented: 

This session is aimed at teaching participants the definition of a learning outcome, its basic components, and how Student Affairs professionals can write learning outcomes to aid in assessment efforts.

Prezi Logo  Understanding Learning Outcomes

Using Campus Labs Baseline for Assessment
First Presented: Fall 2013

Come learn about the survey implementation and reporting platform that Student Affairs has licensed for our use.  This session will provide an overview of the major functions of the platform, discussion of how your departmental projects could be supported through Baseline, as well as time for Q&A.

Prezi Logo  Using Campus Labs Baseline for Assessment

Bruins in Brief

Invoking Agency: Talking about Racial Diversity and Campus Climate on Social Media
First presented: Spring 2016 

In this special Bruins in Brief session, we will highlight findings from SAIRO’s 2015-16 Undergraduate Research Partnership Initiative study. As part of this year’s initiative, five UCLA undergraduate students conducted a mixed-methods study via qualitative interviews and content-analysis of online content to explore UCLA students’ use of social media as an opportunity to engage in discussion of racial/ethnic diversity and campus climate. The purpose of this study was to better understand how students utilize social media to talk about issues of racial/ethnic diversity and campus climate so that we capitalize on social media use to promote a safe, welcoming and empowering campus environment. Join us to learn more about what our URPI students found from this study and how we as a campus can act on the implications of this work.

Please inquire for access to this presentation.

Supporting Students with Disabilities
First presented: Winter 2016 

To explore in more depth the experiences of students with disabilities, SAIRO conducted an interview study with UCLA students. Join us, along with staff from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), as we share the results regarding what the students had to say about their experiences, challenges and recommendations and engage in discussion about how we can better serve our students with disabilities.

Please inquire for access to this presentation.

Data Hour

The Evolution of SAIRO’s Annual Departmental Survey- Tips on Making Choices about what to Ask your Constituents Each Year
First presented: Spring 2016 (Coming soon)

Join us for an interactive Data Hour workshop in which you will learn and practice strategies for making amendments to surveys intended to be administered on a reoccurring basis. SAIRO staff will present an overview of their own organizational/procedural approaches to determining which survey items to keep, change, or toss out completely on their annual departmental survey. Then, participants will apply these approaches to mock survey instruments in a group-work setting.  

   SAIRO's Data Hour Presentation

Assessing Student Staff- Lessons Learned from UCLA Recreation
First presented: Winter 2016 (Coming soon)

Come learn about Recreation’s experience conducting an assessment of their student staff in a Data Hour session presented by the Co-chairs of Recreation’s Assessment Committee, Chett Miller and Kyle Urban. Presentation topics will include a discussion of how Recreation worked on developing assessment culture in the department, as well as an overview of a major assessment effort focused on identifying and selecting measurable student outcomes, including an overview of the process for selecting a survey as their assessment method, and review of the logistics involved in using Baseline to administer the survey.  

   Recreation Department's Data Hour Presentation

Is a Survey the Only Way? A Closer Look at Using Observational Methods in Assessment

First presented: Fall 2015 

Join us for a conversation about how the Registrar’s Office recently conducted a study of their service window, using observation to collect data. Participants can expect to gain an understanding into how observational methods can be useful to certain kinds of projects, get some ideas on how to structure an observational study, and some tips for analyzing observed data. 

Powerpoint Logo   Registrar's Office Data Hour Presentation

Streamlining Departmental Assessment: A Conversation with the Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars

First presented: Spring 2015 

Join us for a conversation with the Dashew Center focused on how this department took a step back to refocus and streamline its various assessment activities. Participants can expect to gain insight into engineering a strategic and comprehensive assessment plan for a department, in place of ad-hoc and often redundant assessment projects. The session will also highlight how the Dashew Center refined its approach to assessment into something both efficient and feasible, while still painting a thorough picture of how the department is performing across its various intended outcomes.

Powerpoint Logo   DCISS Data Hour Presentation

A Conversation with the Graduate Student Resource Center

First presented: Winter2015 

Are you interested in learning about how other Student Affairs departments at UCLA plan and execute assessment activities in their service areas? Would you like to learn more about your students from the results of these assessment projects? In this inaugural DATA HOUR session, we will kick off a new Assessment Support Series that celebrates the successes of departments who conduct effective assessments. Take a moment to stop by during your lunch to learn not only about the results of assessment efforts at the Graduate Student Resource Center, but also the “behind-the-scenes” best practice lessons for implementing this kind of assessment work.


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